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Harvest 2016 It’s a wrap!

2016 Harvest:

Friday October 14, 2016


As you all know this entire adventure is the continuation of the ‘Legacy’ baton which my father passed to me and which I have eagerly accepted.

1st bunch of our 2016 Russian River Pinot held by my dad, Davis Bynum

The 2016 Vintage has meant more to me than even I could have imagined. When I found the vineyard for this year’s harvest I knew the minute I saw it that this vineyard was special. Bynum special. It was the same feeling I felt when I first walked through the ‘Westside Road” property in 1973. Of course there were no grapes there then but the magic was there. The magic which my Dad had described as he drove me there for the first time. In his words “it’s perfect, this is the one”.  That was 43 years ago.

So I signed the contract for these beautiful grapes and waited. Four weeks ago the text message came in that the brix were just where we wanted them and it was time to pick.

It’s hard to describe how this made me feel. I’ve lived through so many harvests and each one is magical, but none quite so important as this one. ‘The grapes are ready’. The same words Dad said when I was five and we headed to Saint Helena to pick them at my Granddad’s vineyard. My first harvest. The excitement my child-self felt and the passion for it all which was sparkling in my Dad’s eyes became an imprint on my very soul.

Dad’s 91 now and I don’t know how many more harvests he’ll see,  but he saw this one. The morning that the grapes were being harvested I called Dad and said “are you up for a ride? I have a surprise”. He said he was. We drove to the winery and he held the first bunch of my 2016 Pinot Noir in his hand and he smiled and said ‘perfect’.

Cheers to Harvest 2016!


Warm regards,